Cavalli in Villa

Cavalli in Villa is an initiative created to promote communication and the horse as the “Leader of the Culture”. It intends to support the development of the Equestrian Sport and Culture in the Territory, through initiatives consistent with the strategies of the institutions and economic operators..
Cavalli in Villa represents Excellence and Quality Assurance and offers sporting, cultural, environmental, solidarity, and food and wine events in various exceptional locations, including the important and prestigious Venetian Villas.
The “Cavalli in Villa” initiative is promoted by FISE VENETO with the collaboration of FISE Nazionale (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation), the Ministry of Culture with Patronage of Sport & Health, with the support of the Veneto Region, the Institute Regional Ville Venete (IRVV) and the Ville Venete Association.

Cavalli in Villa was born in 2022 in the Veneto Region, and has developed into 5 main events, which in 2023 were increased to 8, all widely disseminated and open to the public.
In 2024, thanks to the strong demand to animate the world of Culture and Sport, the initiative also intends to enter other Regions, with the hope of generating more interest.


The initiative “Cavalli in Villa” is a format created by the company Cavalli in Villa.
Promoted by FISE (Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri) Veneto with the collaboration of national FISE and with the Patronage of Sport & Health and with the support of the Regional Institute Ville Venete (IRVV).
The cultural contribution of the Associations of reference of the Venetian Villas and Venetian Villas of the Adige is relevant for the locations.
In the vision of the contribution not only cultural but also social, territorial and economic of the event the Veneto Region has given its patronage together with the five municipalities that will host the events throughout the year.