Cavalli in Villa brings with particular attention the horse and the pony close to the little ones,

to make them know up close the biggest and charismatic “educator” there is!

The “Children’s Village” is an area present at every stage of the event,

where all children and their families can free and without reservation live up close to this wonderful animal.

It will be possible to safely do the baptism of the saddle, accompanied by Federal Instructors,

also to know less known and super fascinating disciplines such as Horse Ball and Horse Vault.


Great attention to children! Practical tests to introduce children to the world of horse with an exceptional companion to their measure: the pony!
Inside the event Cavalli in Villa there will be an area dedicated entirely to children from 3 to 10 years, to make known and experience the world of the horse with the most trusted friend available: the pony.
The little guests, accompanied by their families, can experience the emotion of get on the saddle and, under the guidance of Federal Instructors, to experience the new method of the “Pony-Motor”: an educational circuit on the knowledge of the world of the pony that brings into play aspects such as listening, the respect, collaboration and much more.
There will also be a person specialized for children with disabilities.

“Pony-Motor”, moreover, is proposed not only as a tool to approach the world of the pony, but also to that of the nature, of the sporting activity and not only.
Through the knowledge and study of the non-predatory language of the horse and the physical contact with the animal, it activates extraordinary sensations, all to live.
The pony is recognized as a pedagogical collaborator who enters through the door of emotions in the process of psychic, mental, relational and physical growth of children.