The most exciting aspect of riding is definitely the relationship between horse and rider.
A relationship in which mutual respect, trust and collaboration are the real plus of the combination.
The disciplines of equestrian sports are different, but the Olympic ones are three: Horse Jumping, Dressage and Complete.
During “Cavalli in villa” you can watch one of the most adrenaline pumping games of the three: the Horse Jumping!
The 2023 edition of Cavalli in Villa enriches the sports schedule with different disciplines
to make known how much team you can do with the Horse.
The Jumping competitions are consolidated and during the circuit of the eight Stages
there will be a complete championship, the Sport Project, demonstrations of
Horseball, Horse Vaulting, Polo, Attacks Combined and you will be enchanted by the Arab morphology.

Horse Show

After the positive experience of the previous edition the Park Hippodrome will open the event. Cavali in Villa with the Jumping Competition B* that arrives in the center of Lonigo precisely at the Park of the Hippodrome.


One of the most fascinating disciplines among equestrian sports is the vaulting on horseback, combining artistic gymnastics and horseback riding.

Vaulting is an equestrian team sport and individual, which consists in performing figures on a horse at a pace or gallop to music time.

This sport involves performing acrobatic and gymnastic exercises, alone or with other athletes, on the back of the horse.
In Lonigo thanks to the Amateur Equestrian Sports Association la Fenice will attend a demonstration of this complete sport on Sunday.
Entertainment is guaranteed!


A fun game called Horseball.
During the day on Sunday 30th April there will be the demonstration of a game of Horseball. In the race field will be set up a Horseball court with two baskets.

What discipline is it? Horseball is a team-based equestrian sport.
A sport that dates back to Argentine and Afghan practices and started by fans of riding, rugby and basketball. Four riders face off in a field with two 4 meters high baskets.

The aim is to make the goal in the ten minutes to each of the two rounds. It will be exciting to see how dynamic knights are on their steeds.

Equestrian Theatre Trophy

Promotion of equestrian art as a new tool for living the horse and riding; what distinguishes this reality is its accessibility, in fact everyone can put in the game starting from their own possibilities and skills.

All equestrian techniques can be contemplated, but the emphasis is on creating a staging that vehicles a message and emotions to the audience.

Heart over the Obstacle

Cavalli in Villa has among its main values that of inclusiveness.
For this reason it will host in several stages the association “Heart Beyond the obstacle” that will bring to the field several Paralympic athletes who, riding their horses, will stage paradressage shooting.

Alongside the able-bodied comrades, they will demonstrate how differences are often only in the mind of those who place them.
Each shot of paradressage will be evaluated by a judge who, stage after stage, will evaluate each binomial as happens in the race.

The association, led by Gianmaria Salvò Paralympic FISE instructor, promotes integrated sports and the plus of working together.



Friday 8 April

9 a.m. - 6 p.m. | A5 HORSE RACING *- Field competition, equestrian club attached to Villa Bassi

Saturday 9 April

9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. | A5 HORSERACING COMPETITION * - Competition field, equestrian club attached to Villa Bassi

Sunday 10 April

9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. | A5 HORSERACING COMPETITION * - Competition field, equestrian club attached to Villa Bassi