Cavalli in Villa combines the sporting, cultural and charity part,
an important space dedicated to equestrian art and entertainment.

At the center are the horses and the many artists, adults and children,

who together with their friends with tail and mane will excite the audience
with the magic of their numbers accompanied by a breathtaking music score.

Special breeds of horses such as the

Q-Arab and the CAI TPR will also demonstrate their skills. First stage at Cavalli in Villa
del Trofeo Teatro Equestre aimed at children and ponies, unique in Italy.


The equestrian artist Rudy Bellini and his team will take to the field on Saturday at each stage of Cavalli in Villa with their horses to excite all the audience in the stands, Adults and Kids, with numbers both individual and choral. The shows will also see performances by other artists who will show the audience the incredible potential of races such as the Q-Arab, beautiful cross between Quarte Horse and Thoroughbred Arab, and the CAI TPR (Italian Agricultural Horse Heavy Shooting)which shall be mounted on and attached to carriages. Cavalli in Villa will also be the spotlight of the Equestrian Theatre Trophy, which debuted last year at the Gran Galà of Fieracavalli Verona: a unique initiative in Italy, exclusive of FISE Veneto, that children perform in artistic performances riding their ponies. In the field of demonstration and playful also two fascinating disciplines, that of Volteggio, which sees athletes of artistic gymnastics perform figures and exercises together with the horse and the longueur, and the Horse Ball, which sees two teams on horseback whose aim is making goal in the opponent’s net: there will be athletes who will take part in the next Poniady for Veneto, who will explain the game and answer questions from the audience.


Cavalli in Villa confirms the partnership with the Italian Historical Automibilclub (ASI), which will bring to the villa on Sunday of each stage its fascinating vintage cars that will be not only exposed, in the first part of the day, but then turned on to be the protagonists of a tour around each villa. 

The public is invited to participate in a special “Contest of elegance” in which to vote for the most beautiful car. Then answering a special quiz (details to participate shortly) you can win from the second stage a ride for two on one of the flaming historic cars!

 Will be some cars with special guides for disabled people, thanks to the ASI Solidarity Commission, which will be driven by people with disabilities parading along with all the others.